Kevin Woyce
Author, Photographer, and Lecturer
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HALLOWEEN: A Haunted History

Have you ever wondered why at Halloween we carve pumpkins, dress up
in costumes, or decorate our homes with skeletons and ghosts?

This colorful new program traces the strange history of Halloween, from
Old World harvest festivals to our modern family holiday. Along the way,
I'll discuss the origins of the Jack-o'lantern, Orson Welles' 1938 "War of
the Worlds" radio broadcast, the first monster movies, haunted
lighthouses and hotels, and much more. The hour-long slideshow is
illustrated with original photographs and antique Halloween cards,
advertisements, artwork, and movie posters.

Fee: $100 (within 75 miles of Lyndhurst, NJ*)
$125  (76-125 miles)
$150 (126+ miles)

*excluding New York City and Long Island

Payment due on day of performance

I will bring all equipment needed for the program, including a digital
projector, computer, sound system, and portable screen.

I will arrive one hour before the start of the program to bring in and set up
my equipment. Please allow 30 minutes after the program to pack up and
remove equipment.

IMPORTANT: If the program is scheduled to follow a meeting, I will need
to carry in and set up my equipment BEFORE the meeting starts.
Vintage Halloween postcard
NEW Program -
available September 1